Falling in and out
Colored thoughts run silently
Rippled like stone in the rain
Alive and quenched
Returning into earth
Finding places
To be.
Journey round in circles
A carousel of emotion
Never ending
Perpetually moving
Like greased wheels sliding
Off the track of truth.
Knowing the words
To stop the flow
The valve turned to off
And the emptiness moves in
As below the sun drying
Soaking into the warmth
Of healing thoughts.
Listen to the echo
Of breath that fills and dissipates
Into a time of awareness
As peace claims the space
Where thoughts ruled for eons
Floating on a whisper
Not to come undone.

Knowing when the mind does not want to shut off and the need to find that inner sanctum of silence from the what if and what could and phasing into just being. The search for peace that often eludes, playing hide and seek like a child…come out, come out wherever you are.