A jar of gratitude

Shining purple bliss
She gives me a jar
Sparkling in the candlelight
And I shall feed it words
Of gratitude
Filling to overflowing
And when afar
I will treasure each sentence
Each friend along the way
And tomorrow will come
A new package filled
With the bounty of the fields
The nectar of the bees
And the scent of homemade love.
I shall return the filled with words glass
To be treasured by her
Somewhere in my yesterday town,
She will read each sentence
Each dream
My wishes
To truly know
That love indeed
Is all that really matters
But extra special
When made so beautiful
In a lovely lavender jar given
By the heart.

My friend Donna makes organic seasoned nuts and granola that she sells at a local farmers market. She has been a huge godsend these days both as a friend and as confidante, not to mention a rock star helping me setup my garage sale. (Apparently I under price things).She gave me a purple mason jar to take when I move and she will send me another one full of her amazing confections and I am to return the empty one to be refilled. I have decided in the meantime to make it my gratitude jar and fill it with lovely sayings….so when she opens what she thinks will be an empty jar waiting to be refilled, it will overflow with love. Friends are truly a gift and I am sincerely blessed.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ