On beeing

You never saw


the little solitary beeing

moving about

filling in the cracks and holes

as I sat beneath the summer sun

reaching for the sweetness in my mind

finding the calm

packing it all in tight like an amber suitcase

overflowing as layer upon layer

it rose higher

overflowing in the richness that is life.

You couldn’t see me there,

moving fast although almost stationary,

hovering about the dreams and colors

gathered from experience one by one

friends and memories

each packed away for savoring when darkness fell,

to sustain and revive the thoughts once more

dripping in their perfection like yellow diamonds

sparkling in themselves like jewels,

so precious and a part of this life

sweet and filled with beeing.

I will build and hover about it all

learning and seeing

laughing and fluttering about

bumbling often too but that’s okay

’cause when you’re just going about

the day to day

beeing all you dream,

not even sugar can compete

with the drops of gold

of a heart that holds

it all to share

one bloom of thought at a time.

A bit of whimsy, this pretty little cake made me smile and thought I’d spin some words to hopefully make you feel lighter and smile too.

43 thoughts on “On beeing

  1. good morning, although not so good for me, pup has a nasty bladder infection and they’re running more tests on her sample (blood in the urine this am), stupid Vet, what started out as a flea allergy has turned into a very pricy nightmare and it isn’t over yet,
    as you say your tears have tears
    and I am in knots, can’t write,
    not sleeping very good
    just so tired….I’m sorry, you can email me some joy, I’d appreciate it,
    I’m sure I won’t be writing for a little bit, just too worked up
    breathing in and out and trying to stay optimistic….sigh…..miss you too.


  2. I love spring and the scent and buds blooming, along with the little bees meandering about on their business, I say, let us eat cake 🙂 and watch of course. Peace and love, K

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  3. Thank you so much my new friend, so glad you enjoyed it, fascinated with the flowers and just beeing in the yellow sun feeling light and lively🐝😊☮ peace and blessings, Kim


  4. Oh, I love bee poems, can you tell? ❤ I remember reading the whole book by Naomi Shihab Nye on bees and loving it. Thank you for these reminders and a wonderful poem.

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  5. I found our first two jasmine blooms yesterday and know the bees won’t be far behind, I always welcome the good ones, tolerate the bad. I love that cake pic 🙂 bet it tastes so very good ❤

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  6. What a great cake! I love the little bees, and look forward to their coming out of hibernation soon. Lovely, whimsical poem, Kim! ❤

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