Words in time

Juggling the grains,
we are feeling the softness slipping through
as it chafes the senses
blurring them into
the castles of life.
Movement measured
between the filter falling,
back and forth we tip it round
chasing tails to find a moment
to settle back down.
In these worlds of glass
we fear the breakage of carelessness,
the whole that holds together
must remain intact
for no more and no less
may be added into the mix,
as it trickles down for us all
we grab our spoons
and trying to carry each bit forward,
find we lose more by holding tighter
yet when we release and let go
the storm passes and piles more at our feet,
yet we will climb
step by step as we only know how
to reach the summit
and perhaps if blessed,
touch the glow of a midnight moon.