Wearing beauty

I shall wrap it around me,
warm softest comfort
draping the clouds on shoulders
wearing beauty so well.
I shall slip in to the smoothest blue,
feeling the silky cool wash over me
like the softest bed
cushioning the weary soul.
I will play games with stones
as they roll where they may
and I will find the biggest one
and lift it like a feather
skipping it a thousand times
across the sea,
creating ripples that cascade out
to return one day
when least expected.
I will drape the finest greenery
across my being
blending in like a chameleon
and bloom like a flower
beneath a setting sun,
I will rise up in this finery
and be one with the image,
a piece of the universal picture,
nature in vogue.
I will dream of a tomorrow
when we all dance in rain beneath angry skies,
smoothing the clouds into beautiful creatures
our imaginations set free to play,
beneath a brilliant sky
We will be beauty born of love.