We settle amongst the comfort
of places remembered
wrapped in our superhero capes
we fly through the bliss
painting our worlds
with color.
Saved by the deepest breath taken
we smile passing the blur
of the darkest clinging edges,
the words and illusion
of a control we give away
like candy at the door to door
costumed in our dreams
of being something more
than what we see in mirrors.
We learn and rise
into the ease and fit
of days filled wih the sweetness
of life and love given,
we share the highs and lows
giving a bit of our goodness
to those in need
of a drawn smile
or a shared story fueled with laughter,
we stand on the precipice
a new day emerging below our radar
and standing tall
we grasp our brushes and paint the walls
hiding the ugliness
of cracking brick and emotion
with a new view of tomorrow.