The power of presence

On a day of love, a powerful piece. To,touch someone through words and art, to share a piece of yourself by putting yourself out there in the world, relationships are forged and when the page goes quiet and blank, a heart is saddened. You matter whether you believe it or not. Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved friends. Peace and love, Kim

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

white rose

How much do you matter? You… the writer, the blogger, the quasi-anonymous shadow behind the words on the page and the profile picture that might be years out of date or show merely your cat or a sailing boat? Would anyone miss you if you didn’t post? Would anyone even notice?

Have you asked yourself those questions? Maybe you have had unannounced time away from the blog, for a holiday or through work or illness… did anyone stop by leaving ‘where are you’ messages? Or was there nothing until you came back… until the ‘we wondered where you were’s followed your next post?

And maybe you wondered whether it was worth it… whether you were actually really reaching anyone at all…

You may matter more than you know.

I cried today for a woman I never met and barely knew. A fellow blogger. A few comments…

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3 thoughts on “The power of presence

  1. It needed to be seen by all, words that touched me deeply. I often wonder when a blogger disappears from view, sad and yes, everyone makes a difference. Always, Peace and blessings, K


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