Slipping past

Slipping past the memory
into the realm of forgotten dreams
and thoughts of that unseen
we reach out to touch the haze
through darkening skies
and shadowed days
grasping at the ghosts of self
history doomed to repeat itself
we touch the images
to see
what changes passing days spawned
upon these keepsakes
past their prime
back in time
we set them aside
to ponder fate
letting go
or to wait
for more seconds to tick on by
through the life
we tell ourselves
it doesn’t matter
and perhaps it doesn’t
but we wait unsure,
afraid to let go
and feel
the emptiness
that surrounds
in the cracks and spaces
where it had lived
and finally died,
where forgiveness resides
there waits a light
and we open our eyes
to see
to know
to feel
to let go.

Prompted by a post from my pal Elouise and a reply I had made that got my wheels turning. In a good place, no fears ❤ Peace, blessings, and tidy spaces.

When I Get Very Old

This was awesome, the way it tugs at the old heart strings. If you’re a dog lover and have ever had an older slowing down much loved beastie, this one’s for you. Please visit original and leave comments there to Empty Nest/Full Life. Happy Monday folks and enjoy ❤

Empty Nest, Full Life

When I get very old, if I’m lucky enough to reach that milestone, I will give up my struggles to be perfect. I will eat brownies for breakfast and have ice cream for dinner, if that’s what I really want.

I’ll stop trying to be thinner or stronger or smarter or more accomplished.

When I get very old, I’ll lounge around all day in my pajamas and read trashy novels while eating a bag of chips.

You might wonder what has inspired me to accept the blessings of very old age.

Well, it was the Wolf King that did it.

I’ll let him explain in his own words.

IMG_20170810_103058 Only a week ago, I still needed my leash.

As soon as I woke up today, I knew that something unusual was going on. Man Who Walks Me was climbing up and down the stairs, bringing chairs and tables out into the…

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