Standing still

Idle thoughts of wildflowers
Colors that bring smiles
Under sunny summer skies
And time stands still
In this space between wondering
And knowing
As the second hangs suspended
Like a dust mote floating
On invisible wind.
Paths taken forward
Through winding moments spent
Waiting for nothing
As this quantum minute
Exceeds space.
Singing a song that makes me happy
As the sun shadows move farther away
And the broken piece still stays
Motionless where so much packed in
To this endless hour
That never changes yet like an cup filled
And emptied
And refilled once more
With idle thoughts in colors
Of lavender and yellow
Pinks and hues of skies so blue
Irrelevant is the time that passed
In the eternal scheme
With hands that lay still
Marking nothing but a thought
Of here and now.

Driving to work today, passing some wildflowers growing by the side of the road I thought of time standing still and how time wouldn’t matter because like a broken watch, the moment is always there at the same time as it was when it stopped, yet we move on and in the big scheme of things, time at this moment is just not relevant.