Deliberate- a Collaboration

The beautiful and always filled with never ending images that just take me away, Morgan at Booknvolume and I are working on a weekly collaboration around everyone’s favorite subject LOVE. I first found Morgan when I began blogging and have never stopped being enthralled at her talent and visions that fill her beautiful site. This is going to be a weekly duet so to speak and I have given Morgan her picture and a caption and she will work her magic for the next creation. Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed. And stop by her site and say Hello Beautiful. You will fall in love too.


Deliberate Plea

This Beautiful poem is the beginning of a collaboration Kim of Peace, Love and Patchouli blog found at and I are working on. The idea may sound convoluted, but its a test of Inspiration and prompts. I Sent her this beautiful artwork and the title for the poem (Deliberate) and she had to come up with the verse. Then, she sent me an image and a title for the next poem which I will write. Round and round we go (until we get bored or find a perfect stopping point, whichever comes first!) If you haven’t read her Beautiful poetry before, I strongly recommend visiting her blog, filled with the most lyrical phrases, delicate verses, profound notions wrapped in ethereal prose and lovely photography and artwork. This is what drew me in when I first met Zippy, as I call her (derived from the Infinite Zip screen name she…

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Night and day

Moving freely through morning light,
Feel the moisture hang like a cloak
Moon still visible
Not yet ready to say goodbye
And clouds gather for the party
Shower favors for all.
I carry water to quench the thirst
A cup overflowing with nectar
And the feathers spin faster
The hum breaking the silence
As beaks dip in
Gaining energy to continue
The journey.
The dividing point between,
Night and day plays in my mind
As I stand in the cool air and feel the wind blow
Changes in pressure as the storm knocks
And skies alive in a prism of yellows
Oranges and reds layered
Like the thoughts that still lay quietly
Below the surface of waking.
Sweet days of summer speed by
Warm to cool then back once more
And I hold the stone smoothed by years
Of human energy and emotion
Worn to a polished darkness
And I find a new peace once missing
Falling like the rain
That will kiss this day
With the needed wetness
And the green of life holds out their leaves
Ready to drink from the deep-rooted cup
And the blossoms will dance
With the joy that is.