Silver lined

Days filled to overflowing

ocean water blue-green cascading around my legs

cool wetness soothing the spirit

just being at one.

Waiting in line noticing the color

pastries lined on silver trays

as the old man ahead decides

wearily leaning on the worn cane

hands thick with worn veins

confusion in his lost blue eyes

she orders for his decision cannot be made

in a timely pace she moves him aside

cast off like a sinking ship

his eyes look down as he shuffles away.

I wonder then, staring at the hues of bread,

when was it last that he felt the ocean

caress his weary soul,

and does he dream of silver lined clouds

his youth so far away

and I know I too shall someday pass into the space

where he resides in slow motion,

and I exit through glass to see the gathering clouds,

gently waiting in a blue sky,

and I know there must be a silver lined thought

waiting there for me to reach

to grasp it firm and hang on,

to fly in the atmosphere of the young,

to remember the importance

before it fades to grey.

I’ve been practicing my artwork again and a friend requested to see a bit of what I’ve been dabbling in. The clouds are with my new indigo waterpaint and the collection below if a little of what we’ve been working on in class……and miles to go before I am any good, but damn, so glad I am blessed to see the colors, not only in the paints but in this life. Spent the morning in the ocean, walking for an hour with hubby and collecting more sharks teeth and “just being”, it had been far too long and the ocean was calm and I am in a good space. Peace and love, K



32 thoughts on “Silver lined

  1. It’s not an inexpensive hobby…those paints and especially brushes add up but it is worth it, it’s such a great feeling to see the beauty we’ve created. Have fun with it!<3

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  2. I just bought two new colors today, and two new brushes…my collection of “stuff” is growing but hubbies good with it, likes what I’m making with it all ❤ have never tried acrylics, figured to master this first I hope ❤

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  3. yes she was, and thank you as always for your kind and uplifting words. Worked on my first sunset pic today, still waiting for it to dry before I can add the landscape. I’ll share it when it’s done 🙂

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  4. Kim, I love this poem, too! As an old woman and as one of those people-watchers drawn to anyone who seems lonely, out of place or lost. I think he would love to sit in the waves with you and feel the water washing over him! Yes, your painting is lovely, too! 🙂
    Elouise and Lucy, who seems to be quite happy right now.

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  5. still a beginner, truly, but I enjoy the nature part, skies and trees….I had done a much better tree but I was trying out a new green I bought. Thanks Mags, I appreciate the support. He made me sad as his wife tried to keep calm but he moved so slow and seemed so confused by it all. Makes me appreciate all that I have ❤

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