We live

In days of beauty unfolding

Seasons pass like quiet winds

And skies alive in delicate splendor

We wait the passing of fickle moons

And the changes that move through

While we meander through days

So blissfully aware

Of the gifts we are given.

We live for skies that shine their light

In unexpected pleasure

And hold each moment in thoughts as we see

The minutes about us unfold

Sitting below the universe we know

There is always so much more.

That which meets the eye

Touches the mind and lingering scents on air

A single pot of Rosemary startled

By a harsh winter that came too soon

And we replace with new

As each season moves through

Days here beneath a simple sun

Remind me of the herbs in gardens

Now long gone and miles away

As I pluck the mint and inhale

I return to days gone by

And smile for the journey of memory

That for but a moment

Had taken me there.

The photo taken in winter in our old home, as I sit and for some reason keep recalling the Rosemary plant that I used to lovingly touch and spread on my neck like perfume, and the thyme and basil too. Yet here in endless summer, I bring home mint today for a refreshing drink of lime and select ingredients, we will sit beside the blue water and give thanks for our many blessings. Peace and happy Monday. K