Perhaps I may

I did not write the other day

perhaps there was not much to say

then yesterday just left me mute

my mind had nothing left to loot,

but come today

perhaps I may

find something worthy here to say

but perhaps not

maybe a little or not a lot.

Why is it then I think of tea

brown tepid water with not much to see

with fragrant scent aroma fills

to take away the winter chills

but don’t you see the sun shining on me

there is no snow so I’m filled with glee

but a cake with nuts I’d give my lot

this diet sucks so it matters not

for there will be no cake for me

just tepid water disguised as tea

no sugar, milk or cookie to grace

I know you can picture my saddest face

but a few pounds down and moving to do

so this poem here I give to you

when nothings stirring in the pot

the stomach growls, I kid you not

I think I’m dead,

when the mood gets bleak

and geez, it’s only been a week.

Just a little fun humor to jump-start your weekend. Sorry for my absence the last two days, been being killed slowly and readily by my fitbit Beulah….but in her defense, I’m down 4 pounds since the first of the year, to celebrate, perhaps a beer….but no I won’t just red wine please, with ice and water and a splash of burgundy so I can pretend if nothing else….oh God, stop me now with this incessant rhyming…I’m not much for timing but gotta run, out in the sun, perhaps after a nap yet another lap. Ha, happy Friday folks. I will resume my regularly scheduled lunacy tomorrow perhaps. Steak for dinner tonight, with salad and baked plain old ugly potato, perhaps I can dress it up a bit, have fun, a top hat perhaps?