Living layers

Lost in the deepest corners of the darkest sleep

hours pass living out scenes with strangers

and eyes that dig deep with knowing

into the soul as we watch the moment

like a television show first seen in color,

with wonder we breathe in the clouded air,

as if a long-lost spirit you’ve once known

watching you intently with a hint of smile,

as you recognize somewhere below

in that layer that you knew existed,

yet had never entered-

the calm moves over smoothing the storm

as the heart beats in time

with the dream realm story before you.

In dreams do we see

hints of those passed on into the energy of now,

connections of spirit that call to us,

we wake refreshed and smiling

for even in knowing the experiences not real

yet always remembered with a certain fondness for their being.

Do we gather lessons we’ve learned

while visiting these corners of the mind,

are the faces unfamiliar yet known

perhaps sent for reasons beyond our minds perception?

Deep eyes looked into mine and I had the sense

they were sent with a message

and as the weight of days were lifted and carried,

I felt like I could fly into the gathering clouds

knowing that movement was now needed

to join the underlying layer

to become one with the deepest self,

to be

to breathe upon waking

into a realm of peace.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night, a stranger whose eyes seemed so very familiar, kind and light and in conversation I left, walking away feeling as if the weight I had carried had been lifted away and that in allowing, I had become free. I like dreams like that ❤


17 thoughts on “Living layers

  1. What a wonderful dream–meeting yourself in a stranger who affirms you. Very empowering indeed! I love your rendering of it. And with the photo–a lovely walk with a stranger on the beach whose footprints, erased by the water, remain in your memory? 🙂
    E and L

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  2. Last night wasn’t as lucky…..more freaky bizarre…..but I suppose they all serve to teach us something…like little bread crumb memories left behind….I always follow to see where they lead😊thanks Tre🍩

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  3. Perhaps you do know that person. Perhaps it is in another realm or another life. But who knows? The sense of familiarity is what matters and what comforts. Other than that, great read! Much love. 🙂

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  4. Thanks Super S,
    How you feeling? Saw u were in the hospital but home now, sending healing thoughts and prayers and enjoying your work these days too, comfortably numb😊🙏🏻☮🕉 peace and love💕

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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