We stand in the midst of memory
peering in to the past of thoughts
stirring the smooth calm surface
watching the ripples come and go.
Reflection of yesterday and tomorrow
we set ourselves apart,
out of the fray of emotion
we watch objectively as time unfolds,
a part but not of
as colors move like light
shining on into the spaces
and filling the void with the breath of life
as the day to day blends
coming together into a whole,
we give thanks for the experience
of learning and letting go,
gathering together into an embrace
the best of all that remains.

Spent the last two days emerging from the dark ages with a new phone each for my love and I, realizing that where technology is concerned, I am not the most patient soul, but all is set and good. Now on my lunch break at work, I will be able to play a wee bit of catch up on WP and comments. Life is indeed good.

18 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. All is well my friend,
    How are you hanging in?
    Has the cold found your neck of the woods?
    Getting cooler here
    Today low in the eighties.
    Be good my friend,
    Peace and love,


  2. fine words, the build up, the way the world is arranged sometimes, seeing pictures of human caravans, walking to freedom, and while we might wonder for their prospects, they continue on, the brave ones, have a great day

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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