To ask..and receive

I held my hands up
as if to touch each star
the ones placed just out of reach.
I could feel the movement
and the energy sent through
and I was so alive
for that very moment,
asking for the peace
and receiving.
I slept through restless dreams
awaking with the pinch of light
like a star that fell beyond
the shuttered window pane
and I sat and listened to the wind,
the whispering palms calling
my name perhaps
or maybe just dancing
for their own pleasure.
I asked the world beyond
the universe
the silence
for answers to questions
I already knew within
and it became such a solitary place
here in my soul
and I closed my eyes to welcome it
this serenity
and I let go of the negative
and I was set free.
I had become one
in the night of a thousand wishes
in the day of a warming sun.

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