Time changes throw about
Uneven patterns of movement
From night to day
I still linger behind.
Beneath a star filled sky
A crown above and to my left
One standing out
Brighter than the company it keeps.
Turning in circles
An amazing spectacle
Through fogged breath
This morning chill greets me
With a tinge of immeasurable joy.
I inhale this moment
A part of it all.
My thoughts glitter
In doing the moment to moment
Day to day
Comings and goings
In simplistic nature
I am here.
Spinning on axis
Only measured by minutes and seconds
Indiscernible to the feeling
As gravity pulls my words
To the surface of the atmosphere,
And how strange to sit here
As the sun has already now shed some light
To this crystallized meadow
Where not so long ago
Trees gave shade
And butterflies danced on milkweed
Waiting for life
That happens.