Man of motion (Gordon Downie)

Between the spaces where the dust settles,
Where words of a poet come to rest
and screams of effect of a tragic goodbye,
tiredness of soul rest
and glittered nights will be set for life,
it’s in these places the voice ignites
and says it’s goodbyes in the evening light
together, tears are shed before it’s done
as we remember the days as if they’ve just begun.
The whimsical remembered stories told
in our minds they seep
forever to enthrall
and we speak your name with reverance there
with caps and courage and grace brought forth
a “live well” as the light goes out
not just another but one of us
from youth to now we still hear the voice
on cold wind blown Canadien nights
what poets words do stir the mind
for tonight until the end of time
oh sir you gave a young girl thoughts
on forbidden dark lit concert nights
as we danced until the morning came
and as we slept many whispered your name
as we shall do until the end of days
in rememberance of that summer haze
when music was all that made us alive
thank you sir from the Florida skies
and wishing I had been there to see
the final moments
sharing in the shedding of tears
as you climb the stairs that await us all
I hope you know
you were the white shirt singer of a teenaged soul
who inspired a child in lonely days
in the poets mind
you took your time
you did it right
the final chords,
a shining light.

I am so blessed with having seen my favorite Canadian band The Tragically Hip twice in my life, yesterday was the showing on CBC music of the final concert, heartfelt bits and pieces are all I’ve been able to pull up, as the lead singer Gord Downie battles an inoperable brain tumor, such courage, love and showmanship was what I am now left with, and such sweet memories of teenage nights at a concert up in Canada….no I can’t say much…but it was Amazing…I will leave it at that. God bless you Gord, a poet who still inspires….Singing fifty mission cap….and Boots and Hearts of course.💜💕 Thank you for your gift of music and words 💕💜 Glad I had the chance to witness the beginnings of goodbye.

Questions of time

She simply said no day can end complete without

making an enemy

with a smile on her lips,

I watched not quite understanding

why or how that could indeed be

a good thing.

When time is not an abundant commodity

can not be bought or sold

what good can come

of such darkness or is it perhaps

just my perspective

and am I blind somehow

but I do not think it’s that at all

and there can be no joy found

in adding ire to another

as their time is valuable,

as are the opinions of each soul

if only to that soul who seeks not change,

so I choose instead

moving forward as the sand trickles down

for each grain left

to spend it in kindness

leaving friends instead of enemies,

creating bonds instead of cutting cords

and of rising above and embracing the choices made

as others see fit,

but I can’t stand idly by

as the storm brews

so I slip into the wind

free and at peace


leaving prints of a heart

that still believes in something good.