Balance of life

We will be there

Balancing between worlds of yesterday and tomorrow,

Carving out dreams as we ponder our reality,

Watching as things around us come and go,

Knowing we want it all and more.

More time and peace to cherish the little things,

Miracles to paint the sadness brighter,

Days that end in a quiet acceptance 

And the knowledge that tomorrow will be better.

We will dance and move tired bodies

As the music fills our minds with the memories,

Times with people who are of spirit now,

Whispers of dreams that fell through

That now call to be resurrected

And we have in our hearts this hope,

This prayer for an answer

To see us through the darkness

We climb to the highest points

Reach out with our beings

Giving thanks for all we have received

And send blessings to those who need it most.

Changing landscapes as we shake our heads

And disbelief shatters our minds

For what we know should be so much more,

Searching for the lightness of beauty

In a world that spins faster out of control

We shall keep believing

And asking

And at times dancing in the darkness

If only to feel truly alive once again,

If only to feel in control beneath the highest stars

We are still a part of it all.