Beyond dreams

The mind slips into that quiet place,

the place right before surfacing from sleep

as cool breezes blow through cracks in the window

heralding the journey’s end

as eyes slowly fight to reach the top

and the mind tries so very hard to recall

the shape and colors of the midnight dream

as it slips away like a solemn cloud

into a waiting sky.

She waits in these places often

like a soul on a journey that has no end

she slips into the shadows to watch

as the swirling atmosphere takes her somewhere far

and the only one left to hear her sigh

is the coming moon on the horizon.

She knows sweet Luna well,

guiding her since birth she trusts the words

and images she sees

when she returns each time she knows

it won’t be the last.

A thousand days have left her spent

and ten thousand more still remain

as she walks over mountains of memories

and sits beside the waters in stillness,

knowing the ripples will come and go,

messages passed in hasty moments

but on her mind it always rests,

the place that brings her comfort

the heart of the dream

where she is blessed.

Little joys

You will relax within the confines

a world of a thousand bubbles

luxury scents fill the air as you close your eyes,

hands smoothing and scratching

those hard to reach spots

feeling the smooth silk of soap cascading

over your beautiful lithe frame.

You breathe in and out slowly

as the warmth of the water pools gently over,

eyes stare lovingly? as I create a bubbled goddess

out of dirty scratchy fur

and piling mountains of slippery goodness,

wash the black specks from your beautiful body.

You wait patiently as I minister

to your every whim and paw

no cares in the world as the clock winds down

and I fold you in a dry bath sheet fresh

from the laundry stack,

rubbing and smoothing your glistening coat,

you stretch out in joy

and shake in a wild abandon

flecks of water coat the walls

as you lean on me I feel the water

on my happy hour t-shirt

I release you to the couch

where you begin to roll about

and I take on the second chore of cleaning

what had been a pristine white tub,

now filled with black sand and the remnants of

a few dead carcasses of Chi fleas.

Ah the simple joys of bath time with Chi. I didn’t attempt pictures as it’s tough to do with soapy wet hands, but as we see the issues with the sand fleas and her allergies to their bites, a warm soapy bath goes a long way, at least for a few hours, till she goes outside to bask in the sun, and once more roll in the yard sand, defeating my hard work. Perhaps I think she enjoys these baths, gotta give a mom a purpose now, you know?