Beyond dreams

The mind slips into that quiet place,

the place right before surfacing from sleep

as cool breezes blow through cracks in the window

heralding the journey’s end

as eyes slowly fight to reach the top

and the mind tries so very hard to recall

the shape and colors of the midnight dream

as it slips away like a solemn cloud

into a waiting sky.

She waits in these places often

like a soul on a journey that has no end

she slips into the shadows to watch

as the swirling atmosphere takes her somewhere far

and the only one left to hear her sigh

is the coming moon on the horizon.

She knows sweet Luna well,

guiding her since birth she trusts the words

and images she sees

when she returns each time she knows

it won’t be the last.

A thousand days have left her spent

and ten thousand more still remain

as she walks over mountains of memories

and sits beside the waters in stillness,

knowing the ripples will come and go,

messages passed in hasty moments

but on her mind it always rests,

the place that brings her comfort

the heart of the dream

where she is blessed.

7 thoughts on “Beyond dreams

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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