I saw you there in that space

between each bubble that lifted to the sky

the essence of you so light and magical

like tiny fireflies in the light

rising higher into the darkness,

you moved away before I could reach you,

I heard the small sounds on the air

like cosmic laughter

as you played your games

and I held the stem as if holding it

would be almost as good as holding you,

and you rose as I tried once more

but you had become a thousand stars

and I saw you blink for but a second

as if to say no fears,

it’s all gonna be alright.

The mirage of golden lightness carried me

through the night of tortured sleep

as I called your name

you kept deftly slipping away

like champagne tears into nothing

and the taste so sweet on my tongue,

memories of apple trees and summer sun

as the glass lay empty in my hand

the essence of you now gone,

as I looked up one last time

in time to see the lace of clouds move in,

and as the skies cried as if to say

you would return to me some day.

The sparkle of memory always stays in my mind,

as the pop of the cork releases the mood

of gaiety and New Year essences,

the nights of the universe always know when to find

the girl in the forest speaking to trees

with a long tall glass that holds so well

the line of bubbles that rises like thoughts

of a yesterday to relive once more.

For some reason while shopping today Prosecco was on my mind, to see the tiny bubbles dance in joy-picked up a bottle and look forward to the smiles, celebrations and star filled nights. Life is but a dream, but such a good one at that ❤

20 thoughts on “Sparkling

  1. Ah me too, now I’m gonna have to dig that one out, tonight it’s red wine with some seltzer for bubble action…..sometimes you need a little bubble action my friend, tickles the fancy and gives cause to let go and CELEBRATE🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾woo hoo, happy Friday LG😊🍾


  2. “It’s all about them fast car nights and them big bold days.
    Livin’ this champagne life, everything’s okay.
    Let’s toast it up.
    Oh, let’s toast it up, oh.”

    Ne-Yo (Champagne Life)
    I love that jam and I love Champagne!

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  3. We had a store called Dairy Barn in Uniondale, NY. All over Long Island. Mils was SOOOO good then, and the things made with it.

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  4. I know how to golf, it’s just been too hot….and my gosh, I do remember those milk jugs, with the cardboard caps, lived down the street from the dairy. A unique distinct smell I actually miss😊


  5. I haven’t missed the snow. We get a little often enough to recall what I DON’T like about it.
    But I have fond memories if the charted bus ski trips upstate, and recently became acquainted with a Poetess & blogger from Connecticut where I lived for a short while as a kid. Brought back memories of the pristine snows there. Of course that was back when milk was delivered to an insulated box on your porch a couple times a week, in GLASS bottles. ’66-’67. So the air was cleaner and I could play in the cold all day without complaint or realizing I couldn’t feel fingers & toes.
    You should try golf, it’s fun. Go to a driving range 1st.
    Happy Friday!

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  6. Now that sounds like a great way to herald in the new year, golfing….have yet to do that since we’ve moved….just a lot of walking🤗 I see back home they’re getting snow….and I don’t miss that at all….brrrrrr……perpetually sunshine girl indeed.


  7. I wear shorts till it hits low 40s. It finally got cool here, cold next week. Not NY cold, but cold. Enjoy. But Christmas in the 70s feels weird, I’m telling ya right now. Weird to be able to play golf on New Year’s.

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  8. It’s all about the bubbles…when I was a kid, they were in a tub, now that I’m old and wise, I watch them rise and see reflections of a thousand stars, taste life in each sip, and always enjoy (responsibly of course ) ❤

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  9. I always see things in things, memories between the bubbles that rise, etc…its what makes life so much fun for me. Believing in all of the good, makes more good often ❤ thanks Kimberly ❤


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