A million dreams

My mind moves through the motions

so many words waiting to live,

so many stories waiting to be told-

you sit and watch me, my priceless gift,

waiting to be used

to be loved by a new soul,

and I hear you whispering, just try,

perhaps just once

and I smile and know that the days ahead

will see stronger fingers

and whimsy brought forth

from the keys of love

and the voice that heard my words so long ago,

has given me this special piece

in love from a father to a daughter.

Christmas made merry

as I had seen a few and wanted to buy

yet had held back wondering why?

What would be done,

and I know time will tell

as it will speak to me in its own special way,

teaching me what it needs me to know,

spelling it out

one finger touch at a time.

Not a picture of my gift but looks identical, a gift from my Father who is down here for the holidays, our first together in 45 years. A gift of love, to inspire the creative creature that is within me. Peace and love, and Yay….love it!!!!