Lost souls moving in circles

I see through the glass so much more beyond,

between words spoken

and I am not lost but found

yet around me they swim searching

for what lies beyond the window.

I sing them the songs I’ve learned when I was so much younger

of life and time and the paths before my feet

that ache from standing for so very long,

yet I can fly if I choose,

but I need to know just a bit

of what it is they know,

what it is that they feel for being there

so much longer than I,

and still I sing

if perhaps it is only in my mind

like reel to reel moving round and round,

soft voices of truth that speak

of lost souls and fish bowls.

I find comfort in the moments

as the night hangs softly above me

and I have no fear,

I feel if anything a quiet

like a humming chord that calls

as eyes feel so very heavy

and the veil seems to fall

and I want the show to go on,

not ready to call it a day

I call it what it is,

another beautiful memory to tuck away

into its soft blanket of a moon shadow

as it lies quilted beneath a blanket of clouds,

I know it watches me

for I feel its touch as if on my shoulder-

reminding me that this ride makes me smile,

that this day ends on another note of amazement

and I am smiling

not that you can see,

but I hope you can feel it from where you are

reading this,

I am the silly orange fish still leaping,

not yet ready to tuck in,

not yet ready to let the song end…

trying to break over to the other side

where the others swim searching

for the way to see beyond,

and I long to just show them,

to engage in the joy

to tell the way to trade in the ghosts,

raise the spirits of heroes

with a warm breeze,

and in the end, if only to say

how I wish you were here.