Dancing with the moon

I stood before them

hundreds moving softly in clear water

endlessly dancing on emptiness

the moon jellies calling me to become

part of the dance

and I swayed back and forth

lost for a few moments in their movement,

swept into a place of such peace

no words could ever say

as we moved back and forth

bouncing off of one and another

this sacred moment of splendor

taking me away into a sphere of all.

Something in their softness

clear with a marking illuminating the glass

and I reached out to touch

to become one in that instant

as I felt them swaying towards my hand

I lightly touched down as if to say

I feel you through for we are simple

yet so very complex

and the dance moved away leaving me wondering

how I had come to be among them

connected in a room of strangers

yet apart in our union of dance.