Resurrecting word

Lavender hues of scattered seeded memory

written words tucked away in satchels

hidden beneath the finer lace and everyday,

so much time passes between what we left there

shelved and covered in dust

waiting on the moss to break down

into nothingness.

Images and longings of the past

trickle down like rain from a faucet in the bathtub

salt scattered to revive the weary

melting into a pool of forgotten letters

tumbled in a heap

like a towel damp and left behind

on bathroom floors.

The steam covers our image

mirage of beauty as the hand wipes away

the dripping of heat that no longer belongs

as the fan swirls above

barely working in groans and whispers

we clear away the mirror

remembering with sad eyes

what is no longer.

Skin stretched to move the road lines

maps of years gone by etched

into thighs and breasts no longer young

we smooth away the hairs that fall awkwardly

into our eyes like beauty pageant queens

aware of our days numbered,

we have handed back the sash and crown.

Lavender petals tied with twine

love notes from the universe brought to life,

resurrected once more

because to die unknown is the tragedy

swept away with hand falls of water,

scented bubbles down the drain

spinning into the whirlpool round and round,

we gather our towel,

brush the wet dog like strands into order

and walk through the water left behind

splashes on a dirty floor,

off with the lights

as the fan spins slowly down,

smiling one last pose

still feeling young and alive

within our blooming of years.

With a few new comments today, I went back and revisited an old blog that had for the most part been decommissioned. I returned it to status today and am enjoying the trip down my other memory lane: She lives again <3, into the light.


Monday funday

I went to sleep last night after reading way too much about the political parties and I decided as I lay down I would ask for answers in my dreams. Well, I woke up pretty much decided and I must say, besides being sick of political parties, I’ve chosen today to be an anything but politic party. Thinking back to when days were simpler, or at least I think they were, perhaps I was just young and innocent and naive, but I’m going to enjoy my day and not let any bickering, nastiness and just plain aggravation get in my way. This song has been churning in my head and I thought you’d like to take a little listen to inspire your mood in a happier way. Tomorrow I shall vote and be quite happy to see the end of the commercials and strife, even though I know it will just come from different angles than currently being played out. So today is Monday Funday and I challenge you to just smile, dance, write, or whatever it is that brings you joy and carries you away from the drama. Do you know of any other songs that I can replace in my head besides this one? Starting to go a bit daffy….but I am laughing regardless, so that my friends, is a mighty good thing. Peace and love people, to all. Click below link to hear my fun song 🙂

Babe, what would you say?

Black and white photo of fun found on internet…can I go back and be seven again? Please?