I was old before I was young.
A tiny grain of sand worn
Smooth like a heart that beats
Water like blood rushes
In and out.
One among millions
As the silence of the days
Move by like clocks in the shop
All depending
Upon the mood.
Hourglass granules fall
Turning over still cannot stop
The progression of life
That leaves us old and young
Combined to one
Twenty four hours
In the blink of an eye
Washed away
And I am old
And I am young
And the sea will keep moving
Like thoughts.


27 thoughts on “Time

  1. Thank you my friend, yes, tiny grains of sand at that…being pushed along on shore by quiet waves this morning. Peace and blessings to you my friend😊


  2. True enough! I leap out of bed every morning like an 8 year old, standing there asking: ‘OK… What’s next???’

    I’ve been working on a lot of pictures I’d like to present… I can spend an hour on just one picture sometimes, perfecting every little nuance I can find. I’m stil here though and will continue to post when I get some of this back-load behind me. Thanx for the querry, and for your great enthusiasm for life!

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  3. Isn’t it awesome, the future and the possibilities….this life can be just so darn amazing😀 glad you enjoyed my friend and hope all is well…you’ve been quiet lately….peace and blessings. K


  4. Sue, Thank you my friend, always enjoy your wonderful comments. The universe has brought me to find so many like minded people. They are my tribe and we lift with energy and love United. It is a miraculous world and I am blessed to be a part of it all. Have an amazing day😃 Kim

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  5. Wonderful poem my friend.. And we are but a grain of sand.. amazing how many of us are now seeing our Universe and visualising how we come and go and how we manage to meet so many more like minded grains along the journey..

    Have a lovely weekend ❤ Sue

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  6. Hello my friend, I hope you are enjoying your new state. It must be quite beautiful. Yes time moves on bit by bit. I still feel like a child but found lately while trying to make a snow angel, this body doesn’t quite work like it used to. Maybe it didn’t help it was hard packed icy snow…not the soft fluffy variety. The pond is thawed and I caught sight of the comet fish. He’s getting big and bright red and white. Awhile before the berries pop though☺️💜 missed you.

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  7. Thank you so very much. I am often amazed at how we are like little grains in the big universe. Like one of a million so very different yet still so very alike. Thank you for taking the time with your lovely comment. My smile is shining brightly.

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  8. Since my body is old but I remain as I always was, I especially enjoyed this poem. The split of time – years going by – didn’t really reflect on my inner self except in restricting my physical options. Therein lies my loss.

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  9. Thanks Michelle, the sun is shining and I am enjoying a morning filled with inspiration. I am so happy that you enjoyed this piece. Have an amazing day☀️Kim


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