Glass words

Your words so precious
Colored pieces like polished glass
Picked up gently
Piece by piece
No imperfection found.
Sweet shining letters
Sit on the edge of thought
Fragments of a whole
Pieced together to create
Art so beautiful
That will only last in memory
As tides move out washing away
With new words on another day.
How you want to have them all
Every bit found priceless
To create mandalas of life
Spinning weaved catchers
Like nets for fish
With holes too large
Each piece like sand falling out
Back to the bottom of blue
Yet remembered for each unique beauty
That always leave you
Grasping for more.
I hold your words in my soul
Wishes given for allowing
The chance for but a moment
To call it my own
To write words in glass pebbles
And see the slate wiped clear
To make room
For the next creation.

Beautiful photo of glass beach in California found at: