Weathered souls falling

You surround me in your cloak of color
Autumns mistress comes
Passions red fills the senses
As yellows faded like a distant sun
Moving farther into self
Slipping below
A horizon of thought.
Scents of remembered moments
And a days cracked memories weathered
By the passage of time
And seasons leaving withered images
To quietly behold.
Your softest browns fall about me
With each step I take through the towers
Majestic filters of cool illumination
And I am wrapped in color
Of an autumn approaching
Leaves like rain trickle down
And I closed my eyes
Taking the breath of life and exhaling
As the light moved beyond view
Leaving me standing aware
Of the forest and her structure
Of her brethren ensconced within
And the rush and bustle stopped
As if to sit with me and listen
The calming silence filling
Echoing the awareness
Of the heartbeat of a season coming
And sultry days left behind in the wake
Of earthen piles stacking
whispering down on the bed
To sleep and become