Invisible friends: A Poem

This world is an amazing place. The people you meet, who you never really meet except through writing or photos, words and images, can be the best part of all. I have had the pleasure of exchanging wonderful stories and experiences with my friend B.G over at Getting through Anxiety ( She and I both have a fondness for positivity, writing, the animal world and too many other things to count. I asked B to do a compilation with me and she agreed. I was so excited as we have different styles and I was so happy with what we merged and created. I hope you enjoy it and know that we both think quite fondly of our invisible friends, you here who read and comment. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without the greatest and kindest gift of friendship. Thank you and here is our offering to you, our friends.
A poem by B.G and me😊

Part of me regrets

That we’ve never met

And that we’ve only talked

Through words on an electronic page.

We speak through wires and keys

Thoughts flowing with ease

Yet we are like birds

Locked within this cage.

Yet here you are before me

Words written to share glimpses

Of your soul that speaks,

Getting to know you.

To find a friend not met

To share a virtual talk across worlds

Our paths may never cross perhaps

Except through a sentence or two.

For as much as we may want to meet face to face

We need to remember the importance of being safe

For in this world there are those less than kind

Those who do not know the true value of a friend.

But you have managed to constantly brighten my day

With the constant words of kindness that you say

You’re always there offering a helping hand

Full of advice you find in your heart to lend.

But in the quiet space when I feel lost

I know your invisible thoughts come to reach me

To give me the gift of support,

To tell me I’m not so alone.

And in a world of pain

Where we need kindness to stay sane

I look to you for comfort

From the coldness I sometimes feel.

And in every word you type

You make it all alright

For having someone understand

Can have the amazing power to heal.

To friendship….a beautiful thing indeed. Thanks B for joining me on this journey of friendship. I truly cherish it. Please make sure you stop over and visit B, she is wise and inspirational and I know you will love her tips that help make our world a bit smoother. Peace and blessings, K

He who has a friend

The music fills the air
Lacking words of a warm soul
To keep company
His mind moves to worlds
Make believe friend
To keep company
He misses me
Yet not so much
With his Pal to sit
By his side.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Castaway with Tom Hanks. I remember how the tears welled up as Wilson floated away because as a young girl I didn’t have many friends and losing one always set up the pain of adolescence that seemed so intolerable. As changes happened and as life progresses, we lose those we call friends to circumstances beyond our control. Well, the world can sometimes just feel like a lonely place. When my husband went away to visit our new house, he found himself sitting out each night with music to keep him company and this pail as a table for lack of furniture. He had to make do with what surrounded him. This is his Pail now known fondly as his Pal. This image still makes me smile and to realize with humor and imagination, we are never truly alone and that something so silly and simple can warm a heart across miles. When I just went down to visit I had the joy of company with Mom by my side and even though we had Pal around, I don’t think it was quite the same.

5 day photo/story challenge:

I have been invited by Laine to join her challenge. Thank you Laine, it’s been awhile since I’ve taken on any WP challenges but thought doing something different as the seasons change, so too shall we embrace the differences we can add to the world. Pop in and check out her lovely submission on one of the days she posted her submission at
Hope you enjoy.


Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to your image.

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Today I nominate Elouise over at and extend an open invitation to all the amazing writers who follow this blog.

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