Beyond the sea

Words like sand moving slowly
Currents like joy
Course through the soul
Tossing and turning
Worn and polished
Hues of life.
Empty spaces filled through time
Cupping the universe
Each grain connected in unity
Left ashore to be found
Shaken off and set
In pockets filled with the grit
Of specialness.
Set in light through screened windows,
Colors reflected through
Desktop moments of days remembered
Casually fingered as the mind drifts
To yesterday.
The passing time of hustle and bustle
In concrete jungles far removed
From ocean views and peace
That finds us beneath the setting sun
And we smile when finding that break
In the fabric of our days
Where the tiniest bit of sun gets through
To find us waiting
On our dreams.
Shells on beaches
And forests of green
Skies of blue
And lavender morn,
Each color found where I tread
In this crayola world
Life’s box of crayons
Painted in sentences
Hung on the fridge
The wonder of it all
As fresh pages wait
And passion set alight
With the rippled edges
Of thought.