Right here, right now

Songs play in my mind
Yesterday memories go running by
Days passed and days to come
Yet right here
Right now
Is the time we are alive
Breathing in and out
The time has come
Happy soul and open eyes
To the sun as she rises
To say hello
The dark is no more
And the colors before me
Falling leaves and naked trees
Spinning worlds that have no beginning
And no end
The weekend filled with expectations
Of sweaters worn as the days grow short
And cold winds blow
And nights of blankets
Staying in
But that’s tomorrow
And today’s here now
As the minutes move
I think of you
Of roads well-travelled and beauty to find
Here and there and everywhere
Living in joy
And a spirit clear
To laugh
To love
To be
In the now.

Her words left me feeling groovy…..now come on get happy…..peace, K