Solitude in flight

Feathers carved in natures stone
curved and fluid we fly in dreams
far and away into the stars
dotting the sky like miracles born.
Tagua found hanging on white walls
I touch each color and feel
the caring imbedded in each piece like love.
Lightness of being I find
the slipping of images floating by
I cannot touch nor do I dare,
for to mar the edges of beauty
would wound the heart too much,
and I watch the peaceful master create
over and over again the scenes
like dreams rising to fruition,
from nothing something comes.
I am eager, I feel the sensations
of something bigger coming
and I smile while in my dream I fly,
to touch down on a distant planet
I curl into a ball to sleep
and thus am created in the mind
of a hand that etched
my soul filled presence.

Learning more about vegetable ivory (Tagua nuts) that are carved and made into jewelry too. We sell the necklaces at work but this morning I looked more into what they are. A beautiful image found on the internet….but I’d love to have that piece. A chimera carved into the nut 🙂

7 thoughts on “Solitude in flight

  1. I love Tagua nut jewelry and art work! I see it most often in a Ten Thousand Villages gift shop near my house. They carry imported works of art and jewelry from all over the world. All handmade, fair trade items. A little bird carved from Tagua nut hangs from my piano lamp, swinging in the air just in front of me as I play the piano! And I have a favorite brightly colored necklace I wear every now and then (not a great jewelry person except for my obligatory ear posts!). I love your poem, too. Hugs! 🙂

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  2. thanks Betty, I’m enjoying finding new words of late and exploring them a bit, always something new to learn and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem too ❤ busy work week, sorry it too so long to respond ❤

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  3. they are lightweight which when you see a necklace made of slivers of them, you’d figure it would be heavy. They call it vegetable ivory, I’d much rather have a carving of a nut than a tusk any day ❤

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