Days move by

Rain swollen skies bleed down
Coagulated coldness thick
Searching for the sun to rise
To bring light to these disjointed thoughts
That fall like the drops,
Sideways shifting
Ordinary to focus within
On a single beam
Of flashlights on forests
Silent in midnight.
New moon comes bearing shadow
Hidden behind clouds
Unseen but felt
Like a candle flickering
Striving to live through the night
Drowning in pools of liquid wax
Scented with the season
Giving guidance through the storm.
We turn back when faced
The onslaught of wind in directions confused
Yet forward is the path
That beckons us to rise,
To remember kindly
To be thankful for days gone by
And those to come
That perhaps will rise
Like a beautiful sun
Settling on stones in fields
Or shifting dunes where pieces fell
When the red rain shredded souls
Who lived and died alone,
Whose only thoughts for tomorrow
To make their way back home.
As thoughts move like waves
Foreign shores I’ve never seen
Washing in and out endlessly
These ripples of life changing
Rearranging history
As they move in and out
Returning to find us
Skipping stones and wishing
For days of peace
And light to guide the way.

10 thoughts on “Days move by

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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