In Mary’s Chapel

Through open doors there comes a light

watercolor glass transferred on wooden floors,

an empty vessel once filled with life

now shrouded in peace

in silence.

In Mary’s chapel the ghosts walk here

on worn boards and benches

the haunting memory of hymns sung

and beside the wall beyond the house

a cemetery lies in dappled filtered light

where souls who lived a hundred years gone

now rest beside the bay

and the names remembered in shells and stone

wait for nothing here but a visitor

and we walk on white paths that lead to her place

so long ago but still here it seems,

with quiet grace she sits beside

waiting in her shadows of a dove of peace

and flowers that sway in the ocean breeze.

Yesterday was spent at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey Florida and this stained glass window was the only image I took of the entire grounds, a lot of history but here in this quiet little church where the light shone quietly as if waiting for a prayer, I stopped to take the photo to remember this Mary’s chapel, named for Mary Sherrill, a young wonam who had been brought to Florida for the warmth and healing of her malady and died while here. I found it a lovely place of peace. Hope you enjoy.

Peace and love on a fine Sunday morning.


8 thoughts on “In Mary’s Chapel

  1. thanks Tre, it was a beautiful and magical experience walking into that quiet chapel ensconced in the woods, light filtering through and that beautiful window to light the interior in a warm spring light. Lovely place.
    So glad you enjoyed, thank you my friend. K

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  2. I love the feeling of Light here, even though it is sad in a way. She lived. Now, she is being remembered and honored. It’s sweet. Pretty window.

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  3. It was a lovely little church, restored a few years back and filled with what seems ancient artifacts….I love the smell of old buildings and antiques, reminds me of my aunt and grandparents house when I was small. Thank you Opher, I’m glad you enjoyed😊

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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