Could I

Say I miss you

Like the ground misses the drying healing effects

Like words that can make no sense

coming from these lips

Yet in between words never said

That thoughts of disjointed good times that wait

Like a child waits for Christmas

Or gift

Or happier days

And then it happens,

Out of nowhere

Here they come and this sudden joy,

Yes,,this bouyant laughter fills the spaces

Where emptiness sat like a teen at an exam,


Knowing there was something more and the words spill

Down and rushing,

Like a broken dam that falls on the witless souls who thought

This was how it was going to be forever

Because nothing changes

And everything changes

And we can’t stop the flood gates

While Rome burns and The southern cities fall below

The drowning waters that could be stopped

With simple words like

You are here again

And if we drown,

We drown together

And I can smile knowing that the loneliness is held

At bay like the tiger under the big top

Simply fed on a hug and a steak

Or the knowing that there is no fear,

Only a soft hand

To stroke the molten fur.
I hold no image to these words, simply let them stand on their own disjointed merit and regaining we balance after being away a bit too long. Into the trap door I fall again….bearings straight and smiling.

Letting go

Finding the key to the winding down

Of time and thoughts into

A package of broken knobs and pieces

Gathered at some time

For reasons and purposes now unknown.

It stands still in this land

Where thoughts move in dreams

Rocked into a state by hammock breeze

And the warmth filtering into the bones

Grown old as each minute passed by

Unspent and unused

Except by thoughts that ran away for a bit,

Took the trail marked paradise this way

And forgot about the concept of minutes and seconds

Because they always come back round,

But here we had forgotten

In the silence of just moving slowly

Caught adrift beneath blue skies

And birds that became new

Mocking us perhaps as they gathered

For a winter that approaches soon,

But here we sit

Toes dirty and brown with earth

Arms turning a hue forgotten before

Back in that land where time mattered

And left behind still for more Suns and moons to rise,

To greet and say daily goodbyes

Spent and in bliss

In this state of eternal nothingness.

Just some thoughts on the not a care about time passing by on this lovely vacation beneath a sun that calls us from within to partake in the daily Vitamin D lost to the North of us, living life as a dream and relaxation is the password to get in.