A new year of dreams and inspiration

Coming soon in a moment near you, a new year filled with the richest dreams and blessings of happiness. I hate resolutions and the idea of them so I like to think of it as dreamsolutions instead. To write out what I want and then go about making it happen. The universe has my back, I just need to let it do its job with a little creativity from my mind.

So on this New Year’s Eve, another day filled with little relevance except to know that every moment in life counts, not just today but every day, and that not just only today, but each and every one of them we are given should be a joyous celebration of all good things.

I’ve made a list, not necessarily in any order of things I have had the pleasure of learning this year, and I know this coming one will be even bigger and better.

  1. I will have to write 2016 at least ten times before I remember it, which once I get back to work will only take ten minutes😊. Okay, easy peasy.

  2. Forgiveness is for many so hard to give, but it is truly the best gift you can give yourself.

  3. Laugh daily or else.

  4. Do not hold yourself responsible for others thoughts and feelings. Their reaction is about them and not you and once this trick is mastered, all else falls into place. Sometimes turning away and not giving a crap is also the best gift you can give yourself.

  5. Dream Big always. Don’t think something is too far out of reach because as soon as you think it is, you’ve taken the first step towards failure in succeeding.

  6. Sometimes when you think you’ve failed, you may be pleasantly surprised to see that the lesson found was worth it, therefor its no longer a failure, right?

  7. Walk away from negativity no matter where you find it or whomever is spewing it. Life becomes a big sucky vacuum when you let others drag you down. Be the balloon that rises above it, snip your string and float away to better visions.

  8. Sing and dance, write or engage in your bliss and follow your passion even if others don’t support you. Often you will find it’s their fear doing the talking, trying to keep you stagnant and the same because change can be a big scary place. Don’t let their fear stop you and you’ll find the louder the talk, the more intense the fear so open your arms wide and run right into it, smash it to little bits and say there, take that you stupid fear. I’m going to do it my way! It worked for Frank after all.

  9. If you’re doing something you’re not passionate about, don’t do it. Simple.

  10. If someone says something or touches you in some way shape or form, make sure you let them know. It’s these things that make life a pure joy and one of the easiest ways to lift someone up. Hint….by lifting others, you lift yourself. Try it and see.

I could go on and on and perhaps bore you to tears so I shall leave off with this. Today is a day just like any other. Beautiful and spectacular and it can only be what You make it, so make it good my beautiful friends. Spread love, spread joy and spread blessings for another moment in this vast universe we call our home. 

Peace and love and happy new day.