Back and forth

Life moving me,

Deep as the turqoise sea

Swimming through days on peaceful waves

No current

Or riptide to tug on me

Farther than the comfort zone

Swimming to my own beat

Back and forth.

No need to move with the crowd

As the day finds me gliding on ripples

Happy in my space

Big bright sun gonna shine on me

Before the storm clouds blow this way

But I ain’t gonna let it get me down,

Ain’t gonna get no blues

Cause I’ve been schooled in beach time life

Sliding below to find

Time passes slower here,

Got all the time in the world

Hanging with my gang

Diving down

Gonna paint the town

In shades of arid sand,

Cause that’s how we roll

In paradise land.

Thoughts as we just wrapped up painted the master bedroom, the shade is arid sand. And the most excellent songs play on the Bose and we got it all done in just a few hours, while beyond the Windows,the Lightning played tag with the sky, we are inside and dry. Rolling….paint on, paint on…..yeah roll it.