A touch of an echo

Voices fill the empty spaces
Caught up in the social graces
Simply words that lift the soul
Making whole.
New sentences start anew
swirling in a void of then
when normalcy seemed commonplace
no disgrace.
Maybe he’s crazy, maybe I am too
but no matter to the wicked mad hatter
’cause were all the same
in the grey matter of a creative brain.
Now days like these seem just the same
letters backwards and forwards
reading what lies in between
perhaps just that, another strange dream
caught up in the knowing
it’s just you, and it’s just me
in the space of moments
passing without notice,
and the band keeps playing
though no one’s listening
’cause it just ain’t the same
when I was young there was no thought
just what was
what is
and that was that or so it seemed.
I never payed no mind
to the drama in their heads
just a touch of the sickness was all that was ever said,
and we woke up early
ate our cornflakes like good folks,
money don’t grow on trees and the powdered milk,
it just never seemed to go bad.
Now we hang our heads in disbelief
at the modern tales of common truth
goin’ crazy over the little things
and I listen to my endless tunes
reminiscing with the band from the little river
locked in my own world apart
gonna start I think,
asking myself of the deeper things
but never knowing where to start.
How did we get here,
relying on the voices for absolution,
sleep tight child,
it’s all gonna be alright
and I searched for an image of confusion
and the symbol showed his face once again,
perhaps messages from above,
but I’m just a quiet dove,
ain’t cryin’
just questioning like my psyche does,
still crazy after all of these years
and that’s okay
I find my peace there
like a forgotten corner bar
where I still know my name
and am welcomed,
pull up a chair
can I get you some iced tea
and we’ll talk just like yesterday
before you flew away.

Still living with the reverberating echoes. Was searching the Google archives, my mind on a track just looking for the right image, and of course, once again my purple soul crops up, yes I suppose it fits the confusion of this day and age….just letting words flow where they may…gotta be me…letting the freak flag fly once more…just gotta. peace and keep the groove going this fine weekend, be alive, be merry and be whole. K

Beneath the splendor

The night stole in like an intruder, light peering through the spaces, the cracks of the blinds coming alive with shadow as I watched the play between darkness and the moon that crept quietly through a clouded universe. A thought or ten drifted through my mind, more words, always more words to be written, but now could not be the time, here in this place of rest, they would wait, perhaps returning, perhaps not.

I eased my imagination into the place on the shelf where I keep such things, pens, a book, things perpetually waiting to be grabbed on the go, I did not need it here, for here the dreams slip in and take over the asylum, I had given it the key so long ago, it was welcome as it always was. I saw an image before drifting away, or in the moment when being comfortably settled and already in dream/wake mode, a bright beaming light streams through, knowing it was of course the motion sensor but that didn’t stop thoughts from thinking other things. Most likely the cat, stalking poor helpless vermin in the night but I like to think it was more like a moment in a play. The darkness settles as the watchers sit and wait for the excitement to come. A bright light shines as the curtain opens and the actors begin to work their magic. Or perhaps it was like a light on an evening ocean, streaming through to give a moment of beauty, and if captured, than all the better to share with the world.  But no, this light was just the jolt that came alive and set the mind to more stirring. Always more stirring….So in hindsight, perhaps I should have walked to the shelf, grabbed the pen and the imagination and set forth on yet another incredible journey. A tale to regal the masses with, or perhaps just a little thought to bore them senseless. Perhaps tonight I shall get another chance. To take a different path, to go forth into the wild darkness and create the masterpiece…until then I will have to wait and see what will happen beneath the splendor. Stay tuned, I know I will let you know.