Spilt drops

We paint our lives with each drop spilled.

Sloshing over the edge with careless hands and words

falling to the paper and running into a river

of thoughts that try to pat dry

and create anew

to cover the blemish of the mistakes

the clumsy errors of a reckless hand

that knocks then rights

extra napkins to hold just in case

it spills again.

In  between the ink-blot designs

we fabricate our fantasies and dreams

and for but a moment live within

the things only we can see,

only we can carry that image of what is needed

and how it will be

for each soul creates its own destiny

for manifesting its way to completion

and blank slates waiting

to try again.

So we tip and spill a bit more

covering the first creation now that it is

and now make something bigger and better

like a vision board of coffee tastings

different flavors and consistencies

all we desire like children we stare

as we walk by the choices

and choose none for lack

of a rainy day resource.

22 thoughts on “Spilt drops

  1. Hi Kim, school is unfortunately horrible. I was stressed out so I decided to read some poetry and your poems have a really magical calming effect! 🙂


  2. Thank you Gwenice, hope school is going good for you and welcome back too, I’m glad you enjoyed this, the artwork was soooo cool” magical worlds of drops😊💦peace and blessings, Kim

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  3. Thank you Robin,
    They are so sweet, hard working gent in his seventies and she putters inside but always the same thing, at the same time every week like clockwork. Peace and blessings, Kim


  4. You rock! I’m always around for you, I hope you know that. ❤ I love you too. You are a lot like me and that’s a blessing. Thank you so much for welcoming me! 🙂

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  5. I wish I could take credit for the incredible art, it is so magical and thank you for this comment, yes, it is an opportunity indeed as so many things are in life, I find its all the perspective and I always try to see the good and meaning in everything too. Loved your images and following you too my new friend. Peace and blessings💕


  6. Wonderful expression of art and life, art of life, art in life… In painting, that’s what I learned. A drop of unintended paint, can be made into a beautiful spot in the whole painting. When we make a mistake in life, that could turn out to be an opportunity. Thank you for sharing this beautiful image.


  7. Thank you Callum, that means a lot to me….wasn’t quite sure how it would be received…one of my more cryptic pieces…but served its purpose, spilling it out and all💜😊peace and love, K


  8. Thanks Sue, was in a bad state of mind and had to release…in a nice way of course, and like it always does, after returning to center and calm, having a discussion to clear it up and I can sleep restful and in peace once more. I never go to bed mad or upset…or at least try not to, defeats the whole peace thing😊💜 I love ya soul sister, stay warm and write on…I’m glad to see you back💕

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  9. Yes indeed, I touch upon mess a lot till I gather my thoughts, write it out and align to where I know I am….sometimes I do wallow a bit in the dark, just to get comfortable enough to evict them pleasantly. Still a work in progress….for the rest of my life I’m sure😀💜💕

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  10. Powerful image. We’re either a mess, or brilliant–because we keep coming back to try again. I love the photo with all the beauty that can come from spilled messes! I think this is brilliant! 🙂 Now if we could just focus on one….

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  11. Kim, Spilt Drops is very profound. You are so tuned in to human nature and express the truth of it so beautifully. What an amazing creation this is, and from the mind of a true human. Thank you for being.

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  12. thank you Crystal, thoughts that had been bothering my mind all morning,
    seemed the right words to fit the mood and the image was too cool not to use.
    Peace and blessings,

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