Still listening

So damn lucky
Dave croons to me,
mr Matthews always knew how!to!push my buttons,
iPad letting in
Exclamation points
And I am ok
With the intrusion.
Eddie sings of signals,
Mr vedder sings to me
Of hearing the sirens,
And it is a sad kind of melody
But I’m ok with that too.
Remnants of the campfire
Burn beyond the panes of glass
And just another day
Passing with light to night,
Who shall sing me to sleep now.
Perhaps I will pull some old things
Like treasures from my chest,
Maybe it is all about soul
Says mr Joel ,
Does that make me crazy Shawn asks,
When you are out there with out a care…
Maybe I just knew too much….
Does that make me crazy? Possibly….
Lost in my music box,
No glimpse of a rhapsody on a theme
mr Paganini would not be embracing
The romance of this mood,
Just another heartbeat song.
Because really, when it comes down to it,
How can you mend a broken heart
When two of three are gone,
I was never told about the sorrow,
But I am ok with that now….
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
Fire fades away,
Most of every day….
I wish it were simple
But we give up so easy….
You’re the other side of the world to me……
KT, you got me through the hardest days,
Suddenly I see….
You’re close enough to see…..
Nobody told me there’d be days like this,
Strange days indeed…
Mr Lennon , the gifts you gave
If you were still here today,
We would still be listening….
But never comes the day…..
If only you knew what’s inside of me now,
You wouldn’t want to know me…somehow…
Justin and john oh how you fill my soul,
I’m a rebel and a runner,
A signal turning green…
Turned my back to the wind….
I let my skin get too thin….
Time stand still…
See more of the people and the places that surround me….
Make each sensation a little bit longer…
mr lee! you still get to me.
I turn my face to the sun.
I let my past go too fast…..
But to end it all
You gotta let it
Shine like it does…
Every single hour that we have known…
Just one desire…
Shine like it does,
Into every heart…
And if you’re looking, you will find it.
Past present and future,
The music of my soul.
I cannot change for the heart
Of the words
Lie deep within
And that too, is ok.
Peace friends.

A montage of my iPad/iTunes playlist tonight:)
Hope you enjoy.
Cause they tell me this town ain’t got no heart….
But I know better.

She is one

This is my gift
My memory
Of which I have none
She rides
The midnight pastures
On steady steed
Loping so smooth
Like lightning bottled
Waiting to explode
She is one
With the world
Of which he sits below
Carrying her forward
No need for pressure
Knees relaxed
He knows the way to carry
Her home.
He of the chariot ,
Her wishes beckon
Without a word said,
One of two into one,
They ride the setting sun,
A perfection
Remembered by both,
Haunted by souls,
The only one that counts endlessly,
The days passed
That seem endlessly
Never ending,
But for the beast who remembers
And forgives regardless.

Dedicated to my sistah from another mother. Smile girl, I’ve got your back:)

Peace and love shirt selfie

Thrift shop finds
Here they are
Always something for everyone,
Colors of the rainbow
Racks far and wide,
I go through one by one
And what jumps into
My hands,
Gotta love
Being in synch
A peace, love and patchouli girl,
Worn with my stone on a string,
Window washing time grows near,
Chores with smiles
When wearing love.