3 Day 3 quote wrap up…special guest award too

Well, I thought I was done here and then I was artfully taunted with an award by one of my first nominees and he was just so green (not with envy) and he is a blogger who has been with me since the beginning I knew I just had to have one more go on his behalf. And to be able to claim my superhero award of course. Sorry my friend, you can’t have it back….I’m keeping him.

Who is he? you may ask? welllllll, a quirky fellow who at first I didn’t know what to do with. But I kept on popping in and he would pop in and he has this lovely green stuffed frog, now how can you not love fuzzy reptiles I ask. So he in my eyes is a superhero. Guess what the award is? Yep, a superhero award. Now if you want your own, you have to stop in and admit to your special power and he may bestow it upon your superhero self. Now isn’t that just way cool? He’s from Canada, so I guess that makes him way cool too (at least 10 months out of the year). So without further ado and most likely topped with maple syrup….

His three quotes are as follows:

1.)  ‘You can lead a horse to water, but if you take him to a bar, he’ll tell you everything!’ – spartacus2030

2.) ‘A convincing argument is not proof of correctness’ – spartacus2030
3.) ‘No expectations,no disappointments’ – Author unknown
His nominees are as folows:

Here are his three nominees:
1.) https://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/may-all-hearts/
2.) https://mysketchbookproject.wordpress.com/
3.) https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/
You can find my friend Spartacus and possibly claim your very own superhero award here:


He is a master at computer language, cool things to do, etc….I don’t know why we get along because I really think I need to take a master class in cut/copy and paste….and still I’d call IT first. Stop in and say Hi and check out his three nominees. 

20 thoughts on “3 Day 3 quote wrap up…special guest award too

  1. Lucky for you, I’m a herbivore. LOL! Nothing but the best leaves and shrubs for me! Well, maybe a grub or two… It’s good grub, grubs! Can’t ya just rent a canoe? I have coupons! :O)

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  2. I thought that took off from the canadien side now….what if I get shipwrecked, no passport, they won’t let me come back home, I’ll be a kidnapped Canadien forced to eat canadien bacon,etc….and Molson, oh please no, anything but that😊


  3. You could take a ride on: The Maid of The Mist’ and I could dramatically parachute in, smacking my face on a pole! On thing I do know. I want to go to The Falls in the Spring to get some pictures, and probably The Butterfly Observatory as well…

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  4. Not true at all, we won’t gang up on you, I can’t get into your country, no passport, remember? But we are over here and you are over there. Perhaps we can get a yacht and meet in the middle, cruising the Niagara River…a bit cold, we’d have to wait till summer and the icebergs melt😀❄️


  5. Einstein’s I.Q. was 165… Beethovan’s was 195. These are two distinctly different periods in time. I think in Beethovan’s time, an I. Q. test consisted of questions like: ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’ And ‘What color is this blue pen?’ I liked the Weird Al thing! Nice touch :O)

    Why didn’t I tell you where Amy lives? Well you’re a woman. You know what happens when women get together! You’ll gang up on me :O(

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  6. That sounds great, email me and we shall figure something out. Zipsride@me.com. Exciting and a 3D is a great thought, as opposed to virtual peeps…which is good too but I’ve met only one blogger before, in Puerto Rico. Her and her husband met us in Ponce, had a great time. She doesn’t blog much, I shall have to pop in and see if she still does….so excited…and I think Darryl is too about the post😊 peace and love, K

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  7. Not worrying about the semantics of awards, whose,his,her,theirs, I hope the popcorn is fresh, people can be picking popcorn peeps don’tcha know….I love Einstein….obviously I have nothing from his gene pool, Weird Al Yankovic maybe, or Dr. Demento…hey, remember him? Now,that was a fun radio shoe…..a very very good shoe….(she says talking like that tv show that had puppets or something on it…he didn’t like the Beatles…I remember that) smiling and please don’t turn purple, save me a beer, I’ll be right over. And why didn’t you tell me Amy Rose is my neighbor? Cool.
    K…and the award IS on my award page you funny guy….it’s mine….but I share.

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  8. We need to meet somewhere someday. I don’t know how crazy the holidays get with you, but mine are not too bad. I don’t want to push anything on you, Kim, but I know I would get a real kick out of it. It must be a really awesome feeling to have the “virtual friend” in real 3D form. LOL What a small world indeed! Don’t you hate it when you have a song that will NOT go away in your head. Tee hee …. Don’t mean to laugh but yeah, I know all about it!! Let me know and we can take this conversation to email. 🙂 ❤

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  9. What’s happening? I’ll show ya something shiny! LOL! Just a sec. I have to scratch my balls… Hmmm… So I won’t be a Millionair today. (Sigh!)

    So, obliviously, this blog is about me! (Turning purple…) Say! If my mammory serves me correctly, weren’t you the one who was presenting the award, and I merely the designer of the logo? I made this for your award, and now you’re trying to pin it all on me! Eh? Thought you could butter me up this easy? Do I have: ‘easy’ tattooed on my forehead. OK. Not yet, but I’m thinking about it.

    OK, I’m gonna buy it… Gosh I’m easy… And I almost doubt I’ve got a huge brain! Did you know Einstien had a little head? It’s on display at the smithsonian Institute for five cents a poke! Of corpse, if anyone wants to visit my site, I have beer and popcorn! (Slowly trots off into the sunset…) ‘I’m an old cow’s hand, from the Rio Grand!’

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  10. a hop skip and a jump away. I have a vendor in Lancaster and some friends out about that way, more like Alden, but close….talk about small world, should I start singing now? I think it is Mickey’s birthday….crud, now I’m gonna sing it all day….could be worse, I think? perhaps not….It’s a small world after all……ear worms can go either way 🙂 Too cool 🙂

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  11. Kim, I really HOPE Darrell sees my comment as well. I am doing something special for him (shhhhh) because I really I mean really feel badly for turning him down. And to my surprise I find out on top of all this, YOU live in Buffalo? I live south of Buffalo! Get out of town! I just fell off my chair!

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  12. I like to think of him as a neighbor, Buffalo being so close to Canada, though I know it doesn’t count. He is such fun and he makes me smile. Yes, he is a genius, a mad genius and I’m glad he is my friend. Hope he sees your lovely book you’ve written here, smiles big, because I’m sure you’ll know it will make him cry like happy rain…ok, maybe not cry, perhaps just jump up and down like a ten year old who wins a superhero award, yes?
    Have an amazing day, Kim😊🙃

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  13. I’ve known Darrell for quite some time, and I like you did not know what to do at first for he is just that different. He put me through a “test” and I passed with flying colors! It had something to do with a butt and I in turn made a wise remark which in turn made him laugh and laugh. We are always making one another laugh which I love so much about him. And to see this glorius LOGO made my mouth drop wide open in amazement! I honestly didn’t know he was such a whiz at this stuff and just his directions made my eyes spin. He made it so darn hard but I told him I had to say no due to me not accepting awards anymore and believe me I really felt bad. I really really really want to break my rule just this one time but IF I do others will see the “slip” and before I know it I will buried alive in awards. No lie. You should see my award page. Darrell did and I still have his delicious comment waiting for me to read and answer which I am going to do tomorrow. I LOVE talking to this guy and I LOVE the silly conversations we have! And smart? That man’s brain is huge! Anyways …. I saw the link over at my house and I had to see what was up and before I know it I am writing a book. Oops. Darrell does these things to me like this … gets me yapping and he isn’t even around. LOL I’m really thinking of putting his logo on Petals for all to see not just the awards page. I am just so honored that he gave me this award and I have been saying all day, “I am a Super Hero.” Thanks to Darrell. 🙂 ❤

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  14. She is well deserving and I know that she knows she has big shoes to follow in, I only wish my mother and I were able to blog and have that in common….she is the sewing bee, I, the writing bug.
    Peace and love my friend, K


  15. Thank you for visiting my daughter’s blog and finding such wonderful words to say to her. I appreciate how we have followed each other for quite some time. Despite gaps and busy lives I feel you are a great friend. Thank you! 🙂

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