Sweet autumn slice

Cut so deftly
Seasons harvest
Of loving tree.
Scent of fall
Filled with comfort
Of pies and cool days
Plucking each one
Heart shaped world
Sliver of my lovely fruit
Passion red.
Of taste,
I could close my eyes
Fragrance like my childhood.
Outside the window
Winter deer forage
For food,
Yet in my palm the perfection
Of life and sustenance
Slices of memory.

New blue

Time gathering momentum
Tides rush in the midnight hour
Salt spray air fuels mist of cloud
New blue shades
Mix and match
Like artists palette
Blended in deep thought.
My mind drifts back
To stormy nights
And windswept beaches,
The haunting sound
Like hurricane hiss
Filling my ear
Reckoning of a roar
Deafening in its self.
Water washed over
The forms of illusion
As the current sweeps out
The litter of the day,
Swept clean and left orderly
Storm falls out of favor
Turning and moving back to horizons edge,
Forgotten with the coming
Of red skies to change
New blue to purple
Peace to the shallows
Sea life trapped
In rocky crags
Lost to the ocean
Floundering in solitary pools
No longer counted
Amongst the school.

Child of sun

Sweet paint captures
The light of sun
Garden delight filled with joy.
Sunflowers bow down
To touch the head
Blessings of nature.
My mental get-a-way to day
Light fills the spirit
Solar quenched soul.
In rain-soaked days I live
Amongst the lane of beauty
Close my eyes and I am there.
Come my friend and walk
We can share the joy and
Warmth found there.
We can live in the moment
Of yellow skies and clouds
We can exist in gardens of dreams.