Water like tears and oceans deep
Fire that burns like love so sweet,
A place we can sit and dream today,
Another dimension so far away.
The stars above that light the sky
It is not our place to wonder why,
But to be the piece of earth sublime
In this moment we have the answer of time.
The minutes to think of better days
The memories to last like the bright sun rays,
The mind to give the gift of peace,
Our lives and fears can be released.
Come sit awhile and hold my hand
The magic is alive in this fertile land,
The elements ours to all take part
With a giving soul and an honest heart.


Words like star dust
Floating down
Filling our souls
Invisible goodness
Given as gifts.
She spins her knowledge
Of quotes absorbed
Like water into parched skin,
Oil smooth into dermis
And I feel full
With the shine of healing
With the light of hope
Inspired into being
I have found what it is
To truly be alive.
I am the frequency
Waves sent through
Messages of the mind
Feeling the energy
Of this beautiful world
Of this amazing moment
Here on earth.
Thankful for the gift
Of a kindred friend.


Years like petals
Starting curled up tight
Bit by bit
The nourishment of sun
Food of the soul
Slow motion unwinding
White satin sheets
Softly opening to receive
To become
To bloom into all it is meant to be.
The universe called me flower,
My life wrapped and tight,
I may unwind to the winds
Of change
Of seasons moving past
Of wisdom like awakening,
Of the truth of myself.
I am the seed given life.
I shall be splendid and adored
I am a gift
To the earth.
I am under the sun shining
A bud on the stem
One among many
But unique in my way.
In my peaceful garden
My mind dances on wind,
Open and free
To be.