Moments in life

Three am…..the blue flicker from the room beyond

television surfing channels

eyes open to slowly register

who is up,

who is watching…..

He stumbles into the living room

dog sits up as if caught in the act,

the channel changes once more

perhaps to hide the show watched?

Animal planet voyeurism perhaps?

Dog runs to bed like a small child caught in the act,

the remote lay lifeless in the divit where the dog had lain,

everyone awake now

as the girl curls up on the bed to sleep once more-

husband now wide eyed and alert

no more sleep for him

as I flip over and resume my dreams.

Apparently the remote was left on the couch and the surround sound left on when we went to bed last night, Apple having her doggie dreams maybe? rolled onto the remote which turned the tv on and then the surfing of channels began. Still chuckling about it this morning as I write this. I slept like a baby after that, many dreams and solid sleep. Poor hubby not so lucky.


12 thoughts on “Moments in life

  1. She’s a cutie but she can tell time and she knows that it’s way to early to get up….so she ran into the bedroom and stole hubbys spot….😊 we always wonder if it’s on purpose, if so, she must have gone to an awesome dog school in her younger years😊💟

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  2. I wish I could have gotten a photo of her, had to borrow this from Pinterest but it fits the fun story. It was funny in hindsight. It’s strange, we’ve gone out twice during the day and came home to find the tv on, but in those cases he remotes were on the table….ghostly things….I embrace it and still blame the dogs….they don’t mind😊🐾🐾

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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