Relic of yesterday

Time gives gifts unknown at the time

precious memories as rust takes shape,

letting go of reminders

knowing the time to move forward

and embracing the newness to come.

So many places seen through glass

as sun and rain fell and each one comes

visiting when I turn and suddenly recall

battered now and failing

we reach out and hold tight to the good,

letting slip the not so much-

knowing nothing lasts forever

we slip into the interior for one last song

as the day grows long

and I may shed a tear

but after a week of learning

the difference between life and simply things,

make the letting go easier

for objects can always be replaced,

memories hang out like friends forever

and tomorrow dawns new and clear waiting

for a new trip and joy hitchhiking,

waiting to be picked up and brought along

for another ride.

Hubby went to move my car yesterday and as he got in, found there must be a good leak somewhere because after the hurricane, my car has 2 inches of water inside it. We knew her days were numbered but this sealed the deal. The blue kahuna will be utilized for parts hopefully for someone in need, just not wet floor mats….they will use the good stuff I’m sure. And no, it’s not a VW, I just love those things 🙂 picture found on Pinterest.

18 thoughts on “Relic of yesterday

  1. Yes, reasons and purposes, the tree, the car and my job….by choice….no need for verbal abuse….nothing’s gonna change there….I want light, not depressed darkness😊💜

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  2. It is….I love that car. I look at it like an organ donor in a way, her pieces will bring pleasure to others who need her, blessed to have had ten years with the blue kahuna😊💜


  3. that’s why I won’t drive it, the bearing is shot and don’t want to be zipping along and boom, break down in 90+ degree weather in the middle of traffic 🙂 bye bye old car friend 😉 it’s all good though.

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  4. Down here gotta joyride before the snowbirds descend or its stand still traffic. I’m okay letting it go….we still have two other alternate cars I can use so all good😊

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  5. Thanks Tre, got some more reading catchup to do today, saved yours for uninterrupted pleasure😊 time for bye bye car this week. I’m good with it though, it made over ten years and I’ve more than gotten my money out of it😊


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