A momentous day…besides the obvious

Ok to all of you out there in blog land, I would like to take this opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have followed me. I started this blog at the very end of December not thinking to be a hit, or to even be liked that much as for those who follow, you know I’m always slipping a bit into the underground to hide from the grammar police. I know they are out there, I think there’s one inside of me who looks at some things my head spews out and says to herself, what the heck were you thinking chickie. Then I hit publish anyway. Well this fine morning I was up before the rooster that someone in a five-mile radius owns, looking at the stars and feeling so very blessed. My plush pink fuzzy bathrobe wrapped around me for warmth and the flashlight in my hand as I tried to call for the two wayward nitwits I thought, what more can a girl ask for?

Well once I actually awoke and cleared the sleep from my eyes before blinding myself in the dark with my iPad, I look at my stats page and holy cow…really???? My two favorite numbers in the world, seven and three. 703 followers. That is all of you amazing people out there who sometimes hit my page, stop in and say hello, and make me smile each and every day.
Wow!!!! I am honored. I never thought I would have so many of you who find my thoughts worthy. I give you a big hearty thanks and for giggles am including a few pics for your amusement.
Two of my favorite beasties to brighten your day and to spread the sunshine of the day and say THANK YOU all for making this girl smile.
infinite Zip (and the squish)


Peace love and as always patchouli .

19 thoughts on “A momentous day…besides the obvious

  1. anybody wanna argue with me bout us bein Twins From Anutha Mutha?!?! (definitely separated at birth- she talks like me, dresses like me, thinks like me, writes words, eats, sleeps, likes Boyz, even collects the same furry Friends that i do…. kinda creepy, really… 😉


    for all i know, she's gotta be an incredible cook, loves crafts and is gorgeous, as well as humble too!


  2. harumpf! not only have you been pulling things outta my tie dye basket when i wasn’t looking, but you STOLE MY CAT TOO! SERIOUSLY?!?! what did he tell you his name was- huh?? it’s really Bobbi! an’ i’m tellin’ Momm!! 😡
    (pictorial proof to follow….. and i’m SO tellin’ Momm!!)

    PS- WTG on the triple digit of ethereal Friends- so VERY Groovi, Sista!! 😉


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