The courage to be myself..

I was going to wait until tomorrow to reblog this but couldn’t sleep and let the moment pass. A beautiful piece of heart and soul, any comments, please leave them on Katie’s lovely page. I am honored to call her friend and this piece, her first put out there for the world, touched me so….I imagine myself in her place, back when I bEgan, afraid of not being accepted for the beauty shared, but let me tell you, it takes a hell of a lot of soul to take that first step…congratulations Katie on a very fine piece, I shall hold a copy for myself with the deepest gratitude for the heart and love it was bestowed in….love you my friend….now we want more💜💜💜💜💜
Peace and love
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Just Sayin'

I have written a poem. The first one I’ve attempted in many years…I have to tell you that I am scared to death right now…writing is one thing…publishing is another. But, I sent it to my friend Kim, who writes the most incredible poetry almost every day, to see what she thought of it…she told me that she enjoyed it, it pulled her in and was heartwarming…and that I should put it up as a…here I am, shaking in my boots, trying to have the courage to be myself and share another part of me with you..this blog and this poem, is dedicated to her then…To Kim, without whom, this that you are about to read would not be happening…to Kim, my friend…

Every day, as I go out for a walk,
I pass this garden.
Someone lives there I am sure,
It is so well tended.
There are hollyhocks,

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Goodness of a special day

Moments in life go rushing past, beauty around us through loving life. We see the gentleness of a Spring day in each flower that greets us in our passing, we live in the chorus of a song of a hundred birds. Waking up to greet the new day, blessed in our health, our lives, and our being, we acknowledge each gift that has been given.

Words from a kind soul, voices across a thousand miles filled with love, the sound of the windchimes as the day passes into dusk-so soothing on the wind, a song of beauty, a hymn of love. These moments speak to us in waves, high and low tides moving each second, the rhythm of our breathing as we meander along deserted roads, seeing the sun as she rises as if to greet us. Everyday has been a gift, but none more so than today. The gift of your life as you came to be here, and although grown now into a beautiful man, I am indeed thankful for each moment we have together, every bit of laughter, every sweet word spoken in love.

You are the greatest gift to my heart and I am so very blessed to have you in my life. Today and forever, I love you. Happy Birthday to my amazing husband Jeff. 

Here’s to a ten thousand or more days of joy and love, as I paddle you forwards and backwards in this marriage canoe, beneath a beautiful sun that marks each day that I fall more in love with you. 

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUU🎂🌴☀️

Image taken at the Erie County Fair last year in the Indian village… times indeed.