Beyond the blue

I went beyond the bluest sea, sun dappled on waves before me as the water moved in silence. A fish jumped high beyond the kayak, and then another a bit closer splashing me with its happy fin, distracting me from the thoughts of nothing but peace and tranquility. Moving through shining leaves of the mangroves, letting the water gently lead the way past houses built with money, yet no sign of life on a Friday morning. The folks off to work to pay for the privilege of life on the water.


I am enjoying this day. The maiden voyage of the S.S. Jadis (the white witch from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) and the trusty oar to move me along to where I wish to be. Sun falling on bare legs that bask in the warmth of a May morning, here where no life is seen, just me and my husband meandering along, watching, moving and being. Life is simple out here where the fish roam and play, no sign of others here on Alligator creek, not quite living up to the name as far as I can see, and that’s ok. It’s like being in an alien world where there is only us and the rippling water as the paddle moves through, creating swirls as the fish jump after the errant fly that flew too close to the surface.

100_1604.JPGWe have found a new way to travel, in places we’d never see otherwise, a quiet peace can be found here beyond the blue. Send prayers to keep the gators at bay….

Ignore the dates on the pictures, These were taken this morning on our maiden voyage. Goofy camera….and here is the Captain of the trek: (the sexy sun God) with the yet unnamed kayak….


Two hours below a warm sun and back for a swim to cool down before playing catch up on my mail. Peace reigns on water…truly…..