Already there 

There is a place in the memories bank

Where dreams are saved like spare change found

On broken days,

Where skies meet water meets land

And I close my eyes and drift away again

To a Monday morning daydream

As I lie in a peace filled bed

Rich like clouds

I’m falling in.

There is a place where bliss lives quietly

And the only sound is water

Washing softly against my toes

As I walk a mile untethered by the buoy of life

Navigating around the bend

To find endless beach again.

I’m already there as these words fall like the rays 

Of warm summer sun

Upon my thoughts scattered like treasure

Swept up and put away

Into the bank of life

To be respent again


I found this image on the Internet and it was almost as if I stared at it long enough, I was there in the magical looking place, so I thought I’d take you all along on my daydream. Welcome, enjoy the water, it’s beautiful.